It’s easy to apply to join using our secure online form.
Before you start, check that you are eligible for social housing, you must be:
  • Over 18 (or have a guarantor if you are 16/17)
  • A UK resident and not subject to immigration control
During the application you will need
  • Your National Insurance number
  • Your Annual Income
  • Employer and landlord details
You will also be required to upload documents; one of the following for each person who is moving with you including yourself
  • Full birth or Marriage Certificate
  • Full birth certificate, divorce, annulment or separation papers in your current name. If your name has changed because of marriage, provide your marriage certificate as well
  • Full or provisional driving licence (photo card or paper)
  • Passport (current and valid) or national identity card
  • Residence permit, alien’s registrations certificate, Immigration and National Directorate travel document, standard acknowledgement letter (SAL 1 or 2) or Application Registration Card (ARC)
  • Gas, electricity, phone or water bill in your name, received within the last three months (but not a mobile phone bill)
  • Medical card or television licence in your name
  • National Insurance number card or letter from DWP
  • Bank Statement (last 3 months)
  • Proof of parental responsibility for any children moving with you (proof of Child Benefit/letter from DWP or letter from Social Worker or solicitor)
Additional preference is awarded to households who are working/volunteering/carer. To confirm your eligibility you need to provide the following documents
  • Payslips (last 3 months if paid monthly or last 6 weeks if paid weekly)
  • Confirmation of volunteering
  • Proof of carer

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