Please note this application is only for use where the event took place within the Oldham Borough. For copies of events which took place elsewhere you will need to contact the corresponding Register Office or you can contact Oldham Register Office on 0161 770 8960 and we will be happy to provide you with the contact details.
For copies of certificates for adopted persons you will need to contact the General Register Office who will be able to supply you with the certificate Tel 0300 123 1837
Only complete the online application if you require a certified copy and are happy to supply card details for payment. You will not be shown the record details on screen. We will contact you if we need to clarify any of the details and will confirm the issue of the certificate by email.
Certificate Type
1. TO BE COMPLETED BY THE PERSON APPLYING FOR THE CERTIFICATE Your Full Name Title Forename(s)   Surname   Your Postal Address Address     Postcode   Telephone No   Email Address
You must provide the specific purpose for which the certificate is required. “personal reasons” or “ID” is not sufficient and we will not be able to process your request without further information. The information you provide is confidential and will not be passed on to third parties.
Are you applying for your own certificate?
Please state your relationship to the person  
4. DETAILS OF BIRTH CERTIFICATE REQUIRED Full Name at Birth Forename(s)   Surname   Date of Birth Place of Birth   Father's Full Name Forename(s)   Surname   Mother's Full Name Forename(s)   Surname   Maiden Surname
5. REQUIREMENTS (for information about the types of certificate available see notes) A. Standard Birth Certificate Number Required B. Short Birth Certificate Number Required
Total Cost £12.50
4. DETAILS OF MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE REQUIRED Man (Partner 1) Forename(s)   Surname   Woman (Partner 2) Forename(s)   Surname   Any other surname used before this marriage   Marriage Date of Marriage Place of Marriage
5. REQUIREMENTS Marriage Certificate Number Required
3. WHOSE CERTIFICATE Please state your relationship to the person to whom the certificate relates  
4. DETAILS OF DEATH CERTIFICATE REQUIRED Deceased Forename(s)   Surname   Occupation   Home Address   Date of Death Place of Death Date of Birth   or Age at Death Spouse/Partner
5. REQUIREMENTS Death Certificate Number Required
6. SUBMIT When you submit the application details you will be transferred to a secure payment page, a certificate will not be issued unless payment is completed

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