CV19 Instructions for taxi drivers using the MOT Bays:

  • Do not attend any appointment should you be displaying CV19 symptoms. The main symptoms of CV19 include a high temperature, a new, continuous cough or loss of smell and taste (also called asosmia).
  • Do not attend any appointment should you be isolating according to the latest government guidance (e.g. after returning from a foreign country).
  • Deep clean your vehicle using suitable cleaning materials which kill the CV19 virus.
  • Please note that strict 2-metre social distancing rules are in place on site and these must be adhered to at all times. Please do not approach any staff members on site unless you have an emergency.
  • You must wear a face covering for the whole time that you’re on site.
  • Only one person per vehicle may attend site.
  • Please note that there are no toilet and/or wash room facilities available on site.

Please note:

  • You cannot use the online system if your vehicle has ever been written off.
  • To make a booking you must have registered with Oldham Council Licensing to hold a Private Hire/Hackney Carriage Licence.
  • Please refer to our website at for the latest policy and guidance for applicants in relation to age, emissions, colour and vehicle types allowed.
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